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a new poem by Arie van den Berg, hand-set in Lutetia, on the occasion of the poetry day of Gymnasium Felisenum in April 1995, printed in XXV and 150 copies on Zerkall-Bütten paper, I-X on Fabriano Roma paper, iv of which with an illustration by Jörg Remé, signed by the poet dichter, 30 copies printed on Zerkall paper, signed by poet and artist 12 pag. 28 x 20,5 cm
€ 50; €15


a new poem by Arie van den Berg, hand-set in Walbaum 14, with two illustrations by Jörg Remé, printed in September 1998 on Somerset velvet white in 100 and 40 copies, which 40 copies were presented to HBB, the Society of Printers and Bibliophiles at Haarlem, as part of the series Indrukwekkend, to with a photocopy of the MS was added 8 pag. 27 x 15,5 cm
€ 20


a new poem by Arie van den Berg, written in August 1999 for Pieter van den Berg on the occasion of his 18th birthday on 22 November 1999, han-set in Lutetia, printed in November 1999 in X and 80 copies on Velin de Lana paper 250 g with an illustration by Jörg Remé 8 pag. 27 x 17,6 cm
€ 15


two new poems by Arie van den Berg: ballade written in October 2006 for the wedding party of a friend: taal, written in November 2006 on the occasion of a presentation of work by the artist Tine Wilde at Arti et Amicitiae, hand-set in Bembo, the texts of which printed at Berges on a hand press, in 100 copies, on Cannabis paper 125 g, with illustrations by dick berendes-typografiek, signed by the poet and the artist 12 pag. 25,5 x 18,2 cm
€ 20


an elegy by Arie van den Berg for teacher, friend, translator, writer Frans de Haan (1935-2010), hand-set in Romanee, printed in November 2011, on Arches 160 g, in 50 copies, with an illustration by Mercator 24 pp 23 x 16 cm
€ 20