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Rammen maar

fragment 6 by Ibykos, hand-set in Times Greek nad the translation into Dutch by Mercator in Bembo, in 100 copies, 75 of which for the Album Amicorum RAMMEN MAAR/KLOOIEN MET LETTERS, presented to Jan Keijser on the occasion of his 60th birthday on 18 November 2000 8 pag.
niet in de handel/not for sale


fragment 267P, 7D by Ibykos, hand-set in 603, a 19th C type from Enschede, not mentioned in Typefoundries, the translation by Mercator in Bembo, printed in December 2016 on Zerkall 120 g in 40 copies 8 pp 21 x 15 cm
€ 10