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LEX REX, olim artifex

some epigrams by Martial, translated by the classicists of Gymnasium Felisenum, on the occasion of the headmaster´s Drs.A.N.ter Braak leaving office, hand-set in Lutetia, printed in July 1993 in 60 copies, with an illustration by Lex ter Braak 24 pag. 20,5 x 14,5 cm
€ 10

Vitam beatiorem

19 selected epigrams by Martial, with an introduction and facing Dutch translations by Mercator, hand-set in Bembo, printed in December 1994 in 100 copies on Zerkall paper, with an illustration by Lex ter Braak 57 pagina's 20 x 14,5 cm
€ 30

vitam beatiorem

epigram X.47 by Martial, with a facing Dutch translation by Mercator, printed for Carolien Kramer-Verdam, on the occasion of her 52nd birthday on 20 April 1995 in 20 copies 8 pag. 20 x 14,5 cm
niet in de handel/sold out