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Tuin aan het Spaarne

a poem by George Moormann, hand-set in Walbaum 14 pts and printed in 200 copies for Map met Spaarne-gedichten, which was made by the Printers of HBB, the Society of Printers and Book Lovers at Haarlem, at the request of De Zingende Zaag on the occasion of Poetry Night on Saturday 14 February 2004 at Toneelschuur at Haarlem
niet in de handel/not for sale
De kosmische dans

De kosmische dans

a poem by George Moormann, written for the Bilderdijk Memorial Service at Bavo Cathedral in Haarlem, on the occasion of the 250th birthday of the poet on 18 December 2006, collected in the so-called ,Bilderdijk sarcophagus, a publication of De Zingende Zaag, hand-set in Lectura, printed in 500 copies 27,5 x 14,8 cm
papieren geritsel

papieren geritsel

a poem by George Moormann, the poet laureate of the city of Haarlem, written on the occasion of 410 years of Stadsbibliotheek Haarlem, the 410th anniversary of the Municipal Library of Haarlem, hand-set in Lectura, printed at Berges in July 2008 by Augustijn Press and Mercator Press in XXX copies, numbered and signed by poet and printers 60 x 48 cm
€ 75; framed € 150

scherpe tanden

two poems by George Moormann on Bilderdijk, de kosmische dans en het luide graf , hand-set in Lectura, printed in May 2010 at Berges, in 50 copies on Zerkall paper, with an illustration by Mercator 8 pag. 20,4 x 13,8 cm
€ 15

De neus van Harry

de neus van Harry by George Moormann was hand-set in Lutetia and printed in December 2013 on Simili Japon 130 g in 80 copies with an illustration by Paul van der Steen 4 pp 21,5 x 12 cm
€ 20