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leraren, een ondankbaar soort

epigram 219 by Strato of Sardeis from book XII of the Anthologia Palatina, hand-set in Grieks No 600, an 18th Century Enschedé letter, with a Dutch translation by Mercator, hand-set in Bembo, with an illustration by Mercator, printed in November 2009 on Zerkall-Bütten paper in 50 copies for Ger Kleis on the occasion of his 70th birthday 8 pag 24 x 15 cm
uitverkocht/sold out


six epigrams from book XII of the Anthologia Palatina: 145, 3, 4, 219, 9, 216 were hand-set in Grieks No 600, a 18th Century letter of Enschedé, with Dutch translations by Mercator hand-set in Bembo, printed in February 2010, on Zerkall-Bütten 120 g, in X and 60 copies with an illustration by Mercator 24 pag. 27,7 x 19,3 cm
1 -60 € 20; I - X € 75