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Two Poems

by Menno Wigman, hand-set in Mercator and printed on Zerkall-Bütten in February 1985, with a lino-cut by Lex ter Braak, signed by both the author and the artist, in 90 copies 12 pp. 25 x 17 cm
€ 30

Rust niet

a poem by Menno Wigman, written on the occasion of the euro introduction, hand-set in Lutetia in February 2002, with an printout in colour of a coin depicting Alexander the Great, printed in 60 copies on Velin de Lana-paper 250g 8 pag. 21 x 15 cm
€ 15

Het licht is als het licht

a new poem by Menno Wigman, inspired by Self Portrait by Erich Wichman, a picture in the collection of Centraal Museum at Utrecht, hand-set in Bembo, printed in June 2003, in 50 copies on Velin de Lana 250g, with a print of Self Portrait 8 pag. 21 x 15 cm
€ 15


a poem by Menno Wigman, written for BEELDEN anoniem, hand-set in Garamond and printed in 40 copies in December 2002 for members of Het Beschreven Blad, the Society of Printers and Bibliophiles at Haarlem with an illustration by Wijnand van de Vin 17 x 24,5
niet in de handel/not for sale

De droefenis van copyrettes

two poems by Menno Wigman, hand-set in Garamond, with three illustrations by Peter Lazarov, printed in January 2006 in 60 and X copies on Velin de Lana paper 250 g, signed by poet and artist 12 pag. 21 x 15 cm
uitverkocht/sold out


this poem by Menno Wigman published in Beelden anoniem with the title Met de neus in de boeken, in the collection Dit is mijn dag with the title Puber, now for the first time with the original title Puer in the form of a multi-colour print; hand-set in Garamond 36; printed on Velin de Lana Royal Bright 250 g in April 2006 in 24 numbered copies, signed by the poet and the printer 60 x 48 cm
€ 100

genoeg, genoeg

a print of Onbegonnen werk from De droefenis van copyrettes was produced in memoriam Edo Velema (1949-2015), the beloved teacher and Assistant Headmaster of Gymnasium Felisenum. He was a good friend of Menno Wigman. The tekst was hand-set in Garamond, the favourite letter of the poet, and printed in XV copies, numbered and signed. 1 p 60 x 48 cm
€ 50; ingelijst € 100