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Xenophanès, fragment 18

fragment 18, hand-set in Antigone and the facing Dutch translation by Mercator in Cancellaresca Bastarda, printed in 10 copies on New Year´s Eve 1983 4 pag. 14 x 17 cm
niet in de handel/not for sale

Xenophanès, fragmenten

fragments 34, 11, 14, 15, 32, 18, hand-set in Antigone, the facing translations by Mercator, Peter Stevenhagen and Pieter Wispelwey, hand-set in Cancelleresca Bastarda, printed in June 1984 in 75 copies and X copies in blue cloth bound by Cynthia, with an illustration by Lex ter Braak 24 pag. 15 x 20 cm
uitverkocht/sold out