Tableau mourant

a poem by Gerrit Achterberg, hand-set in garamond 36, printed in February 1990 as a multicolor print in 25 copies 55 x 40 cm
uitverkocht/sold out


lines 1-4 from the second book of Lucretius, De Rerum Natura , hand-set in Gill 24, printed by Mercator in a variety of colours in January 2000 in 30 copies 30 x 20 cm
uitverkocht/sold out


poetry print of YES, a poem by e e cummings, in a variety of colours; originally printed in 16 copies on 16 May 1992, improved upon on 16 May 2002, after which process 6 copies were approved 36 x 50 cm
€ 25

I, New York

a print, in a variety of colours by Mercator, with a poem by R. Cunningham, hand-set in Gill 36 bold, printed on 31 May 2003 in 6 copies 36,5 x 55 cm
€ 50


this poem by Menno Wigman published in Beelden anoniem with the title Met de neus in de boeken, in the collection Dit is mijn dag with the title Puber, now for the first time with the original title Puer in the form of a multi-colour print; hand-set in Garamond 36; printed on Velin de Lana Royal Bright 250 g in April 2006 in 24 numbered copies, signed by the poet and the printer 60 x 48 cm
€ 100
papieren geritsel

papieren geritsel

a poem by George Moormann, the poet laureate of the city of Haarlem, written on the occasion of 410 years of Stadsbibliotheek Haarlem, the 410th anniversary of the Municipal Library of Haarlem, hand-set in Lectura, printed at Berges in July 2008 by Augustijn Press and Mercator Press in XXX copies, numbered and signed by poet and printers 60 x 48 cm
€ 75; framed € 150
Geef een dag

Geef een dag

an illustrated print of the poem by Hester Knibbe, published in Caran d'Ache,hand-set in Bembo 36 pt, printed in December 2008, in XV copies, numbered and signed by poet and printer 60 x 48
€ 75; framed € 150
oorkonde HansR

oorkonde voor Hans Rombouts

a charter issued to Hans Rombouts on the occasion of his farewell from the graphic and bibliophile society Het Beschreven Blad on 3 January 2009, hand-set in Gravure and Egmont, printed in 10 copies 1 pg 59 x 32 cm
€ 20


poster of the concert in the auditorium of Gymnasium Felisenum at Velsen on Thursday 22 January 2009 by Emmy verhey and Paolo Giacometti, hand-set in De Roos 36 and 24 pt, with an illustration by Lex ter Braak 1 pg 45 x 21,5 cm
€ 10

Jasmijn 5

hand-set in wooden letters and Lectura on Lana Royal paper 250 g in 5 copies for Jasmijn Schalekamp on the occasion of her fifth birthday on 14 August 2009 8 pp 32,5 x 26 cm
niet te koop


a poem by Mercator, hand-set in Garamond, printed in February 2010, on Lana Royal 250 g, in 50 copies, in the series en dan nu toch wel even maar 's 2 p 16 x 10,8 cm
niet te koop/not for sale

Jasmijn zes

a poem hand-set in wooden letters and Lectura, printed at Berges in 6 copies by Mercator, on the occasion of the sixth birthday of Jasmijn Schalekamp on 14 August 2010 1 32 x 22 cm
niet te koop/not for sale

rijmprent taal

the text of a poem taal by Mercator was hand-set in Gill 48 bold and printed in June 2011 in XV copies 1 65 x 48 cm
€ 50; ingelijst € 100

Jasmijn seven

Jasmijn seven was hand-set in Lectura and printed at Berges in seven copies for Jasmijn Schalekamp for her seventh birthday on 14 August 2011 1 p 40 x 32 cm
€ 25

mais il y a

a text by La Rochefoucauld was hand-set in Lectura 24 p at Berges and printed in July 2011 on Zerkall in VI copies 1 p 65 x 48 cm
€ 50; ingelijst € 100


the text of a poem by Mercator, published in endanog, was hand-set in Nobel bold 48 and printed at Berges in July 2012 in X copies 1 p 60 x 50 cm
€ 50; framed € 100

on boit

le texte, un éloge du vin français, et également un aperçu des caractères en bois et en plomb, Nobel, De Roos, Lectura, a été composé à la main et achevé d’imprimer le 20 septembre 2013 sur Simili Japon 225 g en X exemplaires, numérotés et signés 1 p 50 x 45 cm
€ 50; encadré € 100

il y a

a print of the text from Reflexions diverses X in the original French,hand-set in Lectura and Nobel, with a linoprint of La Rochefoucauld made by Mercator at Berges in July 2015 1 p 70 x 50 cm
€ 40; ingelijst € 75

848 friends

a print of the poem 848 by Mercator, from een glas wijn ,in an English translation by Mercator, hand-set in Gill 28 ultra bold and printed in January 2015 on Simili Japon 250 g in 20 copies, signed and numbered 70 x 50 cm
€ 40; ingelijst € 75


a print with a poem by Mercator from een portret hand-set in Gill 48 bold, and printed in February 2016 in X copies, numbered and signed 1 p 50 x 40 cm
€ 35; ingelijst € 75

genoeg, genoeg

a print of Onbegonnen werk from De droefenis van copyrettes was produced in memoriam Edo Velema (1949-2015), the beloved teacher and Assistant Headmaster of Gymnasium Felisenum. He was a good friend of Menno Wigman. The tekst was hand-set in Garamond, the favourite letter of the poet, and printed in XV copies, numbered and signed. 1 p 60 x 48 cm
€ 50; ingelijst € 100

Dag Drukker

the tekst of this print was hand-set in extra bold Gill in December 2019 and printed in 20 copies on Simili Japon 225 g surrounded by wooden letters printed at Berges in the summer of 2019 2 pp 47 x 32 cm
€ 35; ingelijst € 75